Happy Holidays! or Mele Kalikimaka ...

as they say here in the islands.  Whether your Santa wears slippahs or boots, I hope your sock is filled with all the good things.

Holiday season always makes me a little nostalgic and I recalled the "What Flake are You" that was orginally posted on the old scoop site.  I went searching for it, but unfortunately, it has been removed.  Next best thing was to find the originating website and do a repost.

So, whether it is a trip down memory lane, or you are new to the flake maker, here it is again.  Please feel free to post your flakes in the comments. (You can save them after you are done, download and then color or whatever.)

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Holiday greetings to all of your who are share this enterprise.

Someone sent me this link from Stumble. I don't know how to capture the picture directly (if that is allowable.)

My last year's most fervent wish for the New Year has been answered. WE WON, and I am hoping for much more this coming year. All of our lives may be much more difficult materially but  hopefully they will be rewarding in other ways. I look forward to seeing all of us (the all-encompassing "us" that includes the bad guys too) getting our just rewards.


is Snowcraft.  It's been around for years and still a lot of fun for a little mind numbing activity when you find yourself overwhelmed with the holidays. 

I don't believe there is any way to embed it here so you will have to follow the link

 Peace on earth and lots of good food to all.