Positive and Negative Effects on the COVID-19 Lockdown


                                                            By Kaitlyn E.

    Have you ever sat down and wondered about the positive and  negative impact of the COVID-19  lockdown? Well,  I certainly have! Here are a few good and bad effects of quarantining (in my opinion).

    One positive effect of the lockdown is that staying home can save lives. Self-quarantining is a good thing because it slows the spread of the Coronavirus, so therefore, staying home does have a positive effect.

    A negative take of the lockdown (that most of us probably agree with) is that you can’t hangout with friends and family as often. Quarantining during these times is very important, and you could possibly spread the sickness to the person you choose to hangout with, or they could spread it to you without knowing.

    Another positive impact of the lockdown is that less animals are becoming roadkill. Since there are far less cars driving around, less animals are becoming roadkill by the day, so we’re saving an animal’s life just by staying home.

    The second negative effect of the lockdown is that thousands of small businesses are shutting down and may never return. Since nobody can come due to the lockdown, they aren’t getting the funds they need to pay the bills for the facility. That’s quite important, since many people are losing their jobs because they  won’t ever return.

    The last positive effect of the lockdown is that people are much more motivated to cook their own meals, since many restaurants have closed down. This gives lots of people an opportunity to practice baking and cooking, as it is a very important life skill that everyone should have.

    The final negative result of the lockdown is that many people can’t get testing. Testing is vital and if we can’t get enough of it, lots of horrible things are bound to happen. The cases of this pandemic are climbing to insane highs and without the right amount of testing required, we won’t get the data we need to provide hospital beds or medical tents to the infected.

    Well, I hope you enjoyed reading my positive and negative COVID-19 impacts! What do you think? Do you agree, or do you disagree?

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