Why Schools Shouldn't Reopen

Kids at school

   Say, have you seen the reopening plans for schools this fall? Well, I think it’s the wrong choice to do in-person learning during these times. Here are a few reasons why I think schools should not reopen.


    The first reason is that over 97,000 children tested positive for COVID-19 in the last two  weeks of July. Not only that, but they could spread it to their teachers and get them sick.


    The next reason that schools shouldn’t reopen is that there isn’t enough room in a single classroom for around 30 kids to social distance in. Sure, you could decrease the amount of students in each classroom, but it’s still a risk that schools shouldn’t be willing to take.


    Another reason is that sanitizing everything from head to toe every single day would be a lot more work on the janitor’s behalf. Even then, some things cannot be sanitized (like the student’s belongings, for example), so the students would have to be responsible for sanitizing their lockers, cubbies, etc.

    My final reason is that distance learning is a lot safer than in-person learning for many reasons. Let’s get real here; if we went back to school, we’d have a HUGE spike in cases. I don’t think anybody wants that, right? So, if we all just do distance learning, we wouldn’t have to risk people’s lives.


    Well, I hope you enjoyed reading my take on why we shouldn’t reopen schools! What did you think? Did this change your view on reopening?

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